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The Project Gamma Development Progress Blog
The Project Gamma Development Progress Blog

New icons part 2

Jan 07, 2011 by DX-MON |
Back in July 2009, some of you may remember that I posted about icons for MapMaker.. I'd not forgotten about the whole icons thing, I just didn't have enough time free to do anything about them. In an hours boredom today, I decided to find the files for that again and resurrect them. So, as a result, here's the 128x128px icon in it's final state:
The Final icon

This next icon is in the same visual style as the finalised 128x128, but offers a few challenges due to the sizing (64x64 pixels is not much to make a nice drawing or icon in..).

So, to the poll: (Note: This is incomplete. Only one of the three icons are done, and as the next ones are done, I'll add them into this until it's complete, at which point I will enable the poll.)
The Left-hand iconThe Right-hand icon
Which of the three icons do you prefer?
Poll Results
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The middle one ( background)00
The right-hand one ( background)00

Signing off

Various things

Oct 31, 2010 by DX-MON |
Ok, this entry will cover quite a few things as I've been a bit busy with the software for the project..

1) There is a pending release of Chat 0.1.1b1
2) The project now has an automatic update facility and an updates location on the server through which I will now be performing releases once the update facility is installed
3) Future Consciousness now supports Python scripting, completing the circuit of how to control layouts on screen once they're loaded into the engine
4) The Layouts test application is nearly working again, though I'm still having problems fixing the exit code - this is the problem of having more than one thread in an application, small bugs can escalate..
5) Work is pending on MapMaker's Regions mode, and glGenericWindow screens due to there being pending work on moving MapMaker to using Future Consciousness' implementation of glGenericWindow rather than it's own as it's own is technically wrong.
6) Work is also pending on getting MapMaker able to properly work on Windows 7 as currently none of the glGenericWindow based screens allow you to do anything and you have to crash MapMaker to get out the loop

I plan to get this all sorted out by next weekend

More progress on Chat

Oct 18, 2010 by DX-MON |
New release (again, in only 24 hours!) of Chat,
This one shaves another 1984 bytes off the connection startup transmissions by optimising one of the response commands that is issued.

This release is backwards incompatible, so the server that is now running requires you upgrade again.


More progress

Oct 17, 2010 by DX-MON |
I have just release a new version of the chat client which completely supersedes the previous 1.1.0 alpha release.
The client and the server should now be much more stable as a direct result of the improvement of the packet handling mechanisms, some more work having been done on the exit bug, and the shrinking of all control, command-only packets.

I will get to progressing the main client ASAP


Progress again, at last!

Oct 17, 2010 by DX-MON |
Ugh.. after having had a very intense summer of work, I've finally got back to working on PokÚLegends.

The progress is that I have now improved the chat server and hopefully it's stability too + I've improved how it error reports for me behind the scenes. Previous run-time record for the server has been over 4 months - I've not been able to do anything with it for three of those due to being so involved with the work I've had.

I'm now at Uni - York (UK) reading Computer Systems and Software Engineering. My lectures and tutorials start tomorrow afternoon, but I should have plenty of time now for devoting to progressing the game.

The other item I am going to finish sorting out in the coming week or two is the test version of the login screen which is used to test the game engine's handling of layouts. This is still partially broken, and I am still working on expanding the format to be able to run Python on the interface, however, I feel we can be confident that I will get this working very soon which means that the client can then be rewritten to use GTK++ and actually work.


PS: The new desktop I got about a month ago should really help things along as it is a 64-bit PC and my physical server is a 64-bit server.


Jun 29, 2010 by DX-MON |
For those of the team who'd like it, MapMaker version is now ready.
This version fixes several nasty bugs and re-implements Regions Mode (finally!) so is definitely a worth-while upgrade.
Admin team members please talk to me if you wish to get the upgrade.

Chat 1.1.0a1 is out!

Jun 26, 2010 by DX-MON |
After finishing my exams, I've been quietly working away at completely rewriting the GUI of Chat and doing various upgrades and feature requests as well as preparing to continue on with game-engine development.

Admin members of the team are advised to come and talk to me and get the upgrade as soon as possible as it does have many of the requested features and bug-fixes the old version needed but couldn't support due to needing a new GUI model.

I will resume work with the actual engine sometime next week with the advent of re-introducing Python into the mix and creating a brand-new Python interface to the engine that can be used directly from layout files.


May 22, 2010 by DX-MON |
After a long break from doing any mapping, I have got the fresh copy of MapMaker for Linux and Windows compiled on Windows again, and have been taking a look at one of the more neglected maps, fixing a few MapMaker bugs in the process.

Note for Tori: I have specifically been looking at your map, getting the textures to match up with their current location. This has given me the excellent opportunity to fix some bugs in the texture loader. When I have updated the map to match what it should look like, I will email you.

signing off for the last time before his exams (they finish in about 3/4 of a month),


May 16, 2010 by DX-MON |
Well, as per request, there have been several modifications to Chat, including:

  • Getting sounds played when your own nickname is said in a message not by you

  • not being able to (accidentally) edit the Chat history via the box being read only

  • Chat history word-wraps


  • Sort out the scrollbars so that less are unnecessarily displayed

For those of the team who want it, the new version is now released and I will work on the scrollbar stuff when I get some more time.

Signing off for the moment,

Chat server/client

May 10, 2010 by DX-MON |
Well, as promised, Chat is here!
It has taken me all weekend, granted, but it's worth it I think. Those of the team who have been online over the weekend have been helping me test the new client which is now happily able to talk to my 64-bit Linux server. So, now the real testing starts - normal usage.

This set of programs mean that the Chat client and server source-code is now in the repositories as is the upgraded packet management code. Next stop: Get Future Consciousness upgraded followed shortly by MapMaker. I'm expecting not too much hastle with these upgrades.

Signing off for the moment,