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Happy new year

Jan 01, 2010 by DX-MON |
Well; the title of the post says it all.. it's new year, and there has been progress here at PokÚLegends:

  • The code repository servers have been upgraded to the latest version of SVN;

  • libAudio which will be used to provide audio content has been upgraded to be able to decode yet another format;

  • The new Python engine to sit on top of Future Conciousness has been planned out

Also, I have exams coming up soon, so until those are finished, progress is likely to be slow; but I will make some effort to get some more stuff written.

For the other members of the team: I have not yet got back into Linux to recompile the GTK+ framework extension library that I've been having problems with, but I promise that as soon as I've got that successfully recompiled, I will get all the upgrades to Future Consciousness applied, and get the untested MapMaker release out to you.