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Progress and exams

May 27, 2012 by DX-MON |
Unfortunately the last couple of months have been taken over by Uni exams, however the last was yesterday.. so..

The progress:

libAudio moved to Git

MapMaker now has QuadTrees implemented for viewing inactive layers, dramatically speeding editing on higher layers up

First tests of behaviour of the software on Eyefinity were done about a month ago, credit goes to Pingu (a member of FragSoc) for this.
Eyefinity Hoenn Map

Once a week's cool-off (maybe less) from the exams is done with and I get things in gear for the summer, I plan to go back to a minimum of once-a-month updates and things should start to take shape pretty quickly especially once I finish proofing out the concept for QuadTrees in MapMaker and in place of the current map loader.

Signing off for hopefully just a week