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Continuous Integration

Aug 29, 2013 by DX-MON |
Well, been busy setting up continuous integration services for the project as it's got to that sort of time where it's needed, and it fixes a problem the project has had for a while - only a couple of project members are able to complete builds.

Continuous Integration (CI) is a process where, in our case, every time changes are pushed to the master git server it triggers a build of the repository that changed. That build may also trigger other builds, but the primary objective is to have builds of the changed sources made on as many platforms as the CI server can push the build to in order to validate that the source code still builds and that it still passes all tests devised for it.

If CI is used properly, it provides a central to all developers tool to quickly check the state of the code as well. On top of that, it means that complete builds for all desired platforms are available on the build slaves at the drop of a hat, and if pushes to the git server are frozen, the CI server can be instructed to perform a complete release build as well so this doubles up as a production build server.

To all team members I bid you: Enjoy~ particularly those who contribute code.

Till next time!