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The Lake of Little Stones

Apr 22, 2011 by Cthulhu |

The Land of the Silver Mist lay still
Old valleys and forests remained
The golden dawn shone upon the hill
Where the Gods had lovingly reigned

Purest dew settled cool on the grass
Untouched by the taint of mankind
Until the daring steel came to pass
A heartless beast, treasures to find

Nature was trampled, discarded, burned
Servants of the Gods were too few
The raging blade of resistance earned
Restless peace in a prison untrue

The elegant spine of beauty bent
The fight for the Gods in retreat
The Land of the Silver Mist's lament
Drowned out by the endless drum beat

Trapped without a hope of strength to lend
To preserve Earth's most sacred bones
Ripped from life by steel in the end
Pure blood in the Lake of Little Stones

-Stern Gamboge, Imperial Scribe