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Aug 23, 2011 by DX-MON |
Opps, forgot to update the blog all the last month.. though I suppose that sums up how busy I've been with my summer job. That's still not letting up save for two weeks holiday, however..

During the times I've not been at my residence, I've been working on the servers for the project and getting them up to scratch and other wonderful stuff like that. My good piece of news from all this is that I've started a new build of UserSrv and I've nicely revamped ChatSrv including fixing some interesting memory leaks. My bad is that I've still not finished the master server, nor have I even started building WorldSrv, and I've yet to get the main architecture of the servers able to run on any number of computers to form a big network to be able to cope with any kind of load put on them.

Signing off for two weeks,

More progress

Oct 17, 2010 by DX-MON |
I have just release a new version of the chat client which completely supersedes the previous 1.1.0 alpha release.
The client and the server should now be much more stable as a direct result of the improvement of the packet handling mechanisms, some more work having been done on the exit bug, and the shrinking of all control, command-only packets.

I will get to progressing the main client ASAP


Progress again, at last!

Oct 17, 2010 by DX-MON |
Ugh.. after having had a very intense summer of work, I've finally got back to working on PokéLegends.

The progress is that I have now improved the chat server and hopefully it's stability too + I've improved how it error reports for me behind the scenes. Previous run-time record for the server has been over 4 months - I've not been able to do anything with it for three of those due to being so involved with the work I've had.

I'm now at Uni - York (UK) reading Computer Systems and Software Engineering. My lectures and tutorials start tomorrow afternoon, but I should have plenty of time now for devoting to progressing the game.

The other item I am going to finish sorting out in the coming week or two is the test version of the login screen which is used to test the game engine's handling of layouts. This is still partially broken, and I am still working on expanding the format to be able to run Python on the interface, however, I feel we can be confident that I will get this working very soon which means that the client can then be rewritten to use GTK++ and actually work.


PS: The new desktop I got about a month ago should really help things along as it is a 64-bit PC and my physical server is a 64-bit server.

Chat server/client

May 10, 2010 by DX-MON |
Well, as promised, Chat is here!
It has taken me all weekend, granted, but it's worth it I think. Those of the team who have been online over the weekend have been helping me test the new client which is now happily able to talk to my 64-bit Linux server. So, now the real testing starts - normal usage.

This set of programs mean that the Chat client and server source-code is now in the repositories as is the upgraded packet management code. Next stop: Get Future Consciousness upgraded followed shortly by MapMaker. I'm expecting not too much hastle with these upgrades.

Signing off for the moment,

Server changes and upgrades

Apr 18, 2010 by DX-MON |
Many of you will probably have noticed that today (17/04/10) there has been a lot of fluctuation as to the availability of the server and this blog. This is because I have been getting the server upgraded and various things moved about. We should now never see down-time, and with the newest upgrades, the ports for the games servers have now been opened ready for them to come online.

Notes to the team: please, please contact me on the IRC channel about the Chat client I have been working on, I will give you the information needed to connect to the chat server so people who cannot get on the IRC channel can now be involved in conversations that happen. Also, please contact me about access to the source-code and graphics repositories that I have now made available via these upgrades, you already know your user-names and passwords for the repositories, though if you have forgotten, please ask me and I will fetch them.


The Chat client/server

Apr 13, 2010 by DX-MON |
Ok, updates again!

Extensive work has been commited over the last week and a half to completely rewriting the Chat server and client, removing all the dependancy on Windows and getting rid of the miriad of bugs in both the client and the server, some of which caused by Windows others oversights on my part. This has resulted in the server now not being able to crash, even if the client does (hey, that means a better/more stable chat experience when using it - no more 'oh dear, I just caused the client to glitch due to the server crashing; you'll need to close it via Task Manager') and if the server goes down, the client detects this and quetly exits rather than crashing to the point the only way out is Task Manager (Windows) or System Monitor (Linux). GTK++ has also seen drastic improvements due to this as I needed to extend various classes and build new ones in order to complete the functionality of the client.

All in all, the client and server, which have been re-built on Linux, are now available to the team once compilation has been done on Windows, and for those using Mac OS, the Linux version may well run for you, we need to talk about this on Skype so we can test it. I am planning to put a copy of the server up onto this web-server and start it up soon, once running [I will need to write some code to manage it when it is in 'daemon mode'] I will then give the team the IP address needed to connect to it, for now though, team: if you want to use the client, talk to me and I'll give you the IP address of where the server is currently running.. you can probably guess where that is.

For the moment, that is all as I must get back to doing revision for my final A2 exams, however when they are complete, I will work more in Linux to provide a complete and stable database server for the project, start extending the chat server to support multiple rooms (protocol was designed for this in mind, so this should be fairly easy..) and start working on the various other servers including working out why the authentication and connections server currently doesn't work properly (there is a bug to do with the embedded MySQL server run inside not firing up correctly and consiquently not being available for the server to actually use..


Update on the server

Apr 30, 2009 by DX-MON |
Well after much thinking, we have now got a fully working system for working out how much time is left on any account in the game. The server will do all those calculations on auth time, and we have plugged about 4 memory leaks in both the server and client today. This is on top of a rewrite of part of the client core to allow for returning to the connect screen when there is an error such as a bad user name/password.

Currently the client is written such that it can't tell if the user name/password is bad explicitly, but instead "listens" for the server dropping it's connection to the client. This means that the client relies on the recv time-out to get out of the connection system - something that needs rewriting and sorting out on both client and server as they both rely on that as a mechanism for erring when needed and I do not like this as it causes the client to seem to hang when it is in actual fact just stuck in the recv function.... As I've commented - something for a rewrite.

I'm looking that by the end of tomorrow I have re-written bits of and bug fixed the internal tool that needs redoing for generation of maps. I will also aim to have rewritten the error management between the client and server so that the one that errors sends a message to the other telling it that an error has occurred before killing the connection, instead of just killing the connection.

The auth system

Apr 29, 2009 by DX-MON |
Well after about 2 hours of development, the MySQL queries to do with play-time and other similar things are now written. This means the client and server are about 40% of the way to having a game map that users can move around on. that means that the authentication systems are about 50% complete, the other 50% being the other fairly large query that has to be made during authentication.

I cannot say and details, but the game is going to have a form of subscriptions, this is because I (lead developer) need to cover the cost of developing such a large piece of software, and I also need to pay for the server (physical computer) that the servers (software) will be running on, and those don't come cheap.... especially when you a student ($25 a month may seem nothing, but £21 a month is a large amount when you're on £20 a week).

PS: The $ and £ symbols were used correctly here - my hosting company asks for $25 a month, which is about equal to £21 a month - my currency is GBP.

Server Updates

Apr 29, 2009 by Cthulhu |
As of today, the original problems with the Database server have been fixed. All that remains is to set up the server
to accept user login info and to cross-reference their ID's to what's stored in the server's database. However,
the issues with MySQL (from what I know) are still on-going. Support from the dev team has been worse than

DX-MON: The issues with the MySQL server arise during client authorisation. The issue is that a NULL result set is returned from the database query causing the server to exit the client thread and go packing. I will (as Cthulhu correctly said) update here again when there has (or hasn't) been progress with the bug.

Updates will be posted as they come. DX-MON will also edit this later on to add/correct information, so check
back later on Wednesday.

Edit (DX-MON): Thanks for prep-ing this, Cthulhu. Just corrected the only mistakes I could see and I've added a little about the actual issue with the MySQL stuff

Update on the server issues

Apr 27, 2009 by DX-MON |
Well after a weekend of trying to sort out that server and having not much progress, I have resigned to posting on the MySQL site asking for help regarding sorting out the call in the server into the MySQL Embedded Server library that fails.

I have got no way to develop the game for the moment till that embedded server is up and running, so please be patient while I wait for a responce on their forums

On a lighter note, I will be working on re-writing one of the dev tools so we can start working on the maps for the game again.
I will update later today with the progress of the rewrite and with a plan for the rewrite of the tool (Called MapMaker - you may get to see this once the game is released, it depends a bit on what the team feels should (or not) be done and wether we'll allow you to create your own maps, etc.)