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Continuous Integration

Aug 29, 2013 by DX-MON |
Well, been busy setting up continuous integration services for the project as it's got to that sort of time where it's needed, and it fixes a problem the project has had for a while - only a couple of project members are able to complete builds.

Continuous Integration (CI) is a process where, in our case, every time changes are pushed to the master git server it triggers a build of the repository that changed. That build may also trigger other builds, but the primary objective is to have builds of the changed sources made on as many platforms as the CI server can push the build to in order to validate that the source code still builds and that it still passes all tests devised for it.

If CI is used properly, it provides a central to all developers tool to quickly check the state of the code as well. On top of that, it means that complete builds for all desired platforms are available on the build slaves at the drop of a hat, and if pushes to the git server are frozen, the CI server can be instructed to perform a complete release build as well so this doubles up as a production build server.

To all team members I bid you: Enjoy~ particularly those who contribute code.

Till next time!

Progress and exams

May 27, 2012 by DX-MON |
Unfortunately the last couple of months have been taken over by Uni exams, however the last was yesterday.. so..

The progress:

libAudio moved to Git

MapMaker now has QuadTrees implemented for viewing inactive layers, dramatically speeding editing on higher layers up

First tests of behaviour of the software on Eyefinity were done about a month ago, credit goes to Pingu (a member of FragSoc) for this.
Eyefinity Hoenn Map

Once a week's cool-off (maybe less) from the exams is done with and I get things in gear for the summer, I plan to go back to a minimum of once-a-month updates and things should start to take shape pretty quickly especially once I finish proofing out the concept for QuadTrees in MapMaker and in place of the current map loader.

Signing off for hopefully just a week

Progress with MapMaker

Apr 23, 2011 by DX-MON |
As promised in the last entry, I have de-restricted the number of layers MapMaker can use in the creation of maps to 232 layers up from just 2. This means that all current bugs in the Hoenn maps can now be fixed where they were caused by layering issues.

I have yet to attempt a texture registry/index of sorts, but I expect that will not take long once I've got MapMaker building on Windows again.

signing off for the moment

New icons part 2

Jan 07, 2011 by DX-MON |
Back in July 2009, some of you may remember that I posted about icons for MapMaker.. I'd not forgotten about the whole icons thing, I just didn't have enough time free to do anything about them. In an hours boredom today, I decided to find the files for that again and resurrect them. So, as a result, here's the 128x128px icon in it's final state:
The Final icon

This next icon is in the same visual style as the finalised 128x128, but offers a few challenges due to the sizing (64x64 pixels is not much to make a nice drawing or icon in..).

So, to the poll: (Note: This is incomplete. Only one of the three icons are done, and as the next ones are done, I'll add them into this until it's complete, at which point I will enable the poll.)
The Left-hand iconThe Right-hand icon
Which of the three icons do you prefer?
Poll Results
Total votes: 0
The left-hand one (Transparent background)00
The middle one ( background)00
The right-hand one ( background)00

Signing off


Jun 29, 2010 by DX-MON |
For those of the team who'd like it, MapMaker version is now ready.
This version fixes several nasty bugs and re-implements Regions Mode (finally!) so is definitely a worth-while upgrade.
Admin team members please talk to me if you wish to get the upgrade.

Progress on the programming

Sep 10, 2009 by DX-MON |
MapMaker is nearing the end of its refurbishment. I've completely rewritten the basic application, all its functionality stands as it did originally.
Progress is being made on rewriting the 3 dialog boxes I wrote for it that were written using pure Win32 API. 1 or 2 minor crashes still exist in the app though. However, in comparison to the Win32 API version, the new one is vastly more stable.

I've also created a new library in the process of rewriting MapMaker, the library is written in pure C++ using proper classes without any language hacks. It wraps GTK+ in an object-orientated way. The new library has been dubbed GTK++.

Next thing to do will be getting GTK++ integrated with the game engine itself - Future Consciousness. Because of the way GTK++ works with GL (via the gtkGLExt GTK+ Extension), there (again) will be no functionality loss by doing this conversion, especially as Future Consciousness was built to be an OpenGL based engine built primarily out of open-source libraries, my own libraries, and a lot of "glue" like code that actually did what was needed.

MapMaker v1.0.0.20 will be released this weekend with a bit of luck, so the team eagerly await the new version as it means more testing, better mapping, and, finally, Linux/Mac OS support! (Soli and I have worked together to test that the Mac OS and Linux support all works and exists, she is likely to provide the Mac OS binaries for the game itself, and based upon the same set of Makefile's I will likely provide the Linux binaries)

Conclusion to this post: progress towards our end goal of a Pokémon MMORPG that will run on all of the main OS'es and deliver its content to pretty much anybody with a computer is sure and steady, but it is there! Will post again on either Saturday or Sunday with another progress update, and hopefully also a release of MapMaker for the team.

New icons

Jul 10, 2009 by DX-MON |
Ok, so MapMaker didn't have an icon for the executable yet, no does PokéLegends, but that's another post and another poll.....

Below are the 3 new icons, and an opinion poll.... if the admins registered to the blog would like to use said poll, it would be appreciated so the right icon can be chosen as the primary. (I will include both in the executable so people can choose which one is used to display for file-associations.

The Left-hand iconThe center iconThe Right-hand icon
Which of the three icons do you prefer?
Poll Results
Total votes: 9
The left-hand one (Transparent background)222.2
The middle one (Solid background)00
The right-hand one (Solid background)777.8

Once the primary icon is chosen, I will create downsized versions of each for each of the detail levels: 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 and then these (128x128).
With each downsize put up for voting on as I see no point in picking and choosing the ones I think are the best for this, it should be a team effort by the PokéBattlers crew to choose the icons for the applications.

Poling closed, results confirmed that it is the right hand icon that got 78% of the votes.

Another MapMaker update

Jul 07, 2009 by DX-MON |
Ok, well since I last posted, I've ridded Regions Mode of all bugs that were present..... the only thing left for the mode is for it to be made able to use both map layers.

Quick update on progress with the maps: Route 113 is stuck atm b/c there are a lot of new textures needed to complete the route, however Route 122 is now complete and Route 121 is started (that's the route with the Safari Zone which will be supported in the game as an extra).

Been removing more behaviour and cosmetic bugs from MapMaker with regards to tile selection and movement, I think there must be only 1 or 2 bugs left now......

I plan on another extension to the .gtm format with 2 new layers being added and with a new header system to be introduced so old maps can be upgraded easier and the various systems that control the usage of the format to be able to allocate new layers as needed instead of blank layers existing, etc, which all saves disk-space (the Hoenn map is nearly 1Mb big now, not counting textures!)

I will definitely write compression algorithms for the maps as I already know that I can cause a 20% compression ratio on them by using Deflate....

Anyway, to keep this short, I'll update again tomorrow with some screenshots of the maps and a few other goodie bits...... might even show some of the Hoenn map after putting it into Regions/through Regions Mode which is really easy and fast to do and when I've written the algorithms for optimising the maps into the Game Engine's display engine it will also cause a massive and very sharp increase in FPS when in-game.

Progress on Regions Mode

Jul 03, 2009 by DX-MON |
Ok, so I've been working on Regions Mode......
MapMaker now has all it's buttons for that mode working to some extent.
Most bugs are fixed (including some really niggly ones that existed in the OpenGL Click Detection code for the triangular buttons.)

The only bug I can think of that causes problems in Regions Mode is some bug to do with click-detection of the tiles, not anything to do with the buttons......
There is also a bug I've found in the Windows File Open Dialog, but that's difficult to fix, so it may not get fixed as it requires a very specific environment to trigger it, and I'm not going after things like that at the moment.

Hopefully tomorrow will have me fixing the click-bug that I found so that MapMaker can be tested...... I have also found some bugs in the code that reads/writes the file-format, but that was expected due to my not having being able to test it before now.....

Anyway, Just a brief update, I'll update again tomorrow when I've fixed some more of those bugs.

New feature in MapMaker just for dealing with the slowness issues

Jun 30, 2009 by DX-MON |
Hi everybody, I realise it's been a while again since last blog post.....

particularly wanting to blog now b/c I've just finished programming the new mode template for MapMaker's new mode, 1 or 2 of the buttons work, and there's another right-click menu.

Screenshot says it all:
Snapshot of the new mode