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gtkGLExt, GTK++ and MapMaker

Feb 14, 2010 by DX-MON
Ok, so I know I've been promicing to get gtkGLExt working for a long time.. well today is the day!

After spending since 4:00pm GMT+0 till now (excluding about 30 minutes for supper) I've been working my socks off in Ubuntu and Windows at the same time to get you a version of gtkGLExt that actually works under Windows on a Release build.. and as a result: gtkGLExt now compatible with both Debug and Release build chains; GTK++ Release edition compiles with no errors; MapMaker Release edition compiles with no errors.

If the Admin staff would please talk to me in the next few days, I will provide a distribution of the new MapMaker release. I will also start working on Regions Mode to get that back online in the program and will be starting to work towards a fully GTK++ Future Consciousness (I actually already did this, but the changes only got tested under Linux and at that it was only to see if the library would compile..) so expect the rest of the software to become upgraded in the next few months.

I will provide some screen-shots of the PokÚLegends Login screen when that is moved over to GTK++ as it will likely have a different FPS to what we had previously - I don't know if it'll go down or up..; and when Python is re-introduced to Future Consciousness under the improved plan (which I have semi-proof-of-concept'ed and know works) I will then put some more screen-shots of the login screen up showing some of the uses of Python in it.


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