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The Chat client/server

Apr 13, 2010 by DX-MON
Ok, updates again!

Extensive work has been commited over the last week and a half to completely rewriting the Chat server and client, removing all the dependancy on Windows and getting rid of the miriad of bugs in both the client and the server, some of which caused by Windows others oversights on my part. This has resulted in the server now not being able to crash, even if the client does (hey, that means a better/more stable chat experience when using it - no more 'oh dear, I just caused the client to glitch due to the server crashing; you'll need to close it via Task Manager') and if the server goes down, the client detects this and quetly exits rather than crashing to the point the only way out is Task Manager (Windows) or System Monitor (Linux). GTK++ has also seen drastic improvements due to this as I needed to extend various classes and build new ones in order to complete the functionality of the client.

All in all, the client and server, which have been re-built on Linux, are now available to the team once compilation has been done on Windows, and for those using Mac OS, the Linux version may well run for you, we need to talk about this on Skype so we can test it. I am planning to put a copy of the server up onto this web-server and start it up soon, once running [I will need to write some code to manage it when it is in 'daemon mode'] I will then give the team the IP address needed to connect to it, for now though, team: if you want to use the client, talk to me and I'll give you the IP address of where the server is currently running.. you can probably guess where that is.

For the moment, that is all as I must get back to doing revision for my final A2 exams, however when they are complete, I will work more in Linux to provide a complete and stable database server for the project, start extending the chat server to support multiple rooms (protocol was designed for this in mind, so this should be fairly easy..) and start working on the various other servers including working out why the authentication and connections server currently doesn't work properly (there is a bug to do with the embedded MySQL server run inside not firing up correctly and consiquently not being available for the server to actually use..



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