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Server changes and upgrades

Apr 18, 2010 by DX-MON
Many of you will probably have noticed that today (17/04/10) there has been a lot of fluctuation as to the availability of the server and this blog. This is because I have been getting the server upgraded and various things moved about. We should now never see down-time, and with the newest upgrades, the ports for the games servers have now been opened ready for them to come online.

Notes to the team: please, please contact me on the IRC channel about the Chat client I have been working on, I will give you the information needed to connect to the chat server so people who cannot get on the IRC channel can now be involved in conversations that happen. Also, please contact me about access to the source-code and graphics repositories that I have now made available via these upgrades, you already know your user-names and passwords for the repositories, though if you have forgotten, please ask me and I will fetch them.



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