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Progress again, at last!

Oct 17, 2010 by DX-MON
Ugh.. after having had a very intense summer of work, I've finally got back to working on PokÚLegends.

The progress is that I have now improved the chat server and hopefully it's stability too + I've improved how it error reports for me behind the scenes. Previous run-time record for the server has been over 4 months - I've not been able to do anything with it for three of those due to being so involved with the work I've had.

I'm now at Uni - York (UK) reading Computer Systems and Software Engineering. My lectures and tutorials start tomorrow afternoon, but I should have plenty of time now for devoting to progressing the game.

The other item I am going to finish sorting out in the coming week or two is the test version of the login screen which is used to test the game engine's handling of layouts. This is still partially broken, and I am still working on expanding the format to be able to run Python on the interface, however, I feel we can be confident that I will get this working very soon which means that the client can then be rewritten to use GTK++ and actually work.


PS: The new desktop I got about a month ago should really help things along as it is a 64-bit PC and my physical server is a 64-bit server.


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