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Oct 31, 2010 by DX-MON
Ok, this entry will cover quite a few things as I've been a bit busy with the software for the project..

1) There is a pending release of Chat 0.1.1b1
2) The project now has an automatic update facility and an updates location on the server through which I will now be performing releases once the update facility is installed
3) Future Consciousness now supports Python scripting, completing the circuit of how to control layouts on screen once they're loaded into the engine
4) The Layouts test application is nearly working again, though I'm still having problems fixing the exit code - this is the problem of having more than one thread in an application, small bugs can escalate..
5) Work is pending on MapMaker's Regions mode, and glGenericWindow screens due to there being pending work on moving MapMaker to using Future Consciousness' implementation of glGenericWindow rather than it's own as it's own is technically wrong.
6) Work is also pending on getting MapMaker able to properly work on Windows 7 as currently none of the glGenericWindow based screens allow you to do anything and you have to crash MapMaker to get out the loop

I plan to get this all sorted out by next weekend


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