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New icons part 2

Jan 07, 2011 by DX-MON
Back in July 2009, some of you may remember that I posted about icons for MapMaker.. I'd not forgotten about the whole icons thing, I just didn't have enough time free to do anything about them. In an hours boredom today, I decided to find the files for that again and resurrect them. So, as a result, here's the 128x128px icon in it's final state:
The Final icon

This next icon is in the same visual style as the finalised 128x128, but offers a few challenges due to the sizing (64x64 pixels is not much to make a nice drawing or icon in..).

So, to the poll: (Note: This is incomplete. Only one of the three icons are done, and as the next ones are done, I'll add them into this until it's complete, at which point I will enable the poll.)
The Left-hand iconThe Right-hand icon
Which of the three icons do you prefer?
Poll Results
Total votes: 0
The left-hand one (Transparent background)00
The middle one ( background)00
The right-hand one ( background)00

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