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Jun 05, 2011 by DX-MON
Although I have yet to make more progress with MapMaker's new features, I have made progress with Future Consciousness and the project in general on Linux.

I have rewritten all Layout engine routines making use of classes to enable a much faster and much easier to maintain architecture that is also far more resilient to error. This, coupled with getting the build systems fully ironed out for Linux has meant I can and am now running various parts of Gamma on my Linux desktop (64-bit with 32-bit support). A screen-shot showing this follows.

I have also been hard at work with other components such as GTK++, getting rid of several bugs that were plaguing the project but which I couldn't fix due to my test platforms keeping on changing weekly due to automatic updates. My desktop, however, runs my own build of Linux - Time-Bomb Linux (TBL) and I've designed it and built it to be stable and update-less, so that the core of the computer's run time doesn't change at all unless I completely rebuild the box. This enables me to debug code in an environment which I can be completely familiar with the operation and quirks it has. Due to this familiarity, I can more quickly pin-point my own misuses of APIs and differentiate bugs in my own code from bugs in APIs I'm using or general hickups on my part which make it seem as if there's a problem with some API I've called.

So without further ado, here is the PokeLegends layout test running the login screen on my desktop under TBL:
PokeLegends running on Linux
(scaled 25%, click to see full size)



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