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Bytecode Engine!

Jun 13, 2011 by DX-MON
And comes the biggest leap forward and new feature since a long time ago when the project came into being.

I have successfully designed and built a high-speed byte-code engine into the game engine which uses restricted contexts to allow the loaded layouts to "program" (sequence events in) the engine so that, for example, the login screen can sequence that when the close button is pressed, a dialogue pops up inside the window asking if you're sure you want to exit and allowing you to make a decision and depending on the byte-code behind it, do something to stop the closing of the window.

Once the engine is advanced enough to support all the basics of a layout (I estimate by next weekend), I will move all the controller code for layouts internal to the engine, allowing the client when it uses screens which are just layouts to simply load in a layout and run it, collecting on the results of the run as to what to do next

I know this blog entry doesn't do the new component justice, but I cannot say much more otherwise I'll spoil things and may also give too much away about how it works - which of course is a bad thing.

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