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Aug 23, 2011 by DX-MON
Opps, forgot to update the blog all the last month.. though I suppose that sums up how busy I've been with my summer job. That's still not letting up save for two weeks holiday, however..

During the times I've not been at my residence, I've been working on the servers for the project and getting them up to scratch and other wonderful stuff like that. My good piece of news from all this is that I've started a new build of UserSrv and I've nicely revamped ChatSrv including fixing some interesting memory leaks. My bad is that I've still not finished the master server, nor have I even started building WorldSrv, and I've yet to get the main architecture of the servers able to run on any number of computers to form a big network to be able to cope with any kind of load put on them.

Signing off for two weeks,


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