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Happy 2012!

Jan 01, 2012 by DX-MON
To start the year's first post off, Happy New Year everybody!

First things first.. libAudio. In the last week, 16-bit sample mixing has been implemented, tone portamento has been fixed, and channel persistent volume controls have been implemented, meaning that S3M support is nearly complete along with it's own lovely set of bugs (although much fewer in number than MOD had when I completed support for it, and many probably attributable to the missing commands)

With this, I can proudly say that with the help of the programmers in the PokÚLegends team, we can now use chip-tune music in the game.

Secondly, PokÚCave. Please go take a look and sign up as doing so actually helps us accelerate development of PokÚLegends as it'll buy us the much needed server capacity and such as well as allow me to start giving the team some remuneration that they much deserve for all their voluntary work.

With that, till next time,


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