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Feb 14, 2012 by DX-MON
Quite a few things to cover really:

Lots of bugfixing for libAudio. The module mixer now implements all sorts of things such as Offset (aka Delay) right, and is generally looking much better for some major rewriting of various bits.

GTK++ has seen being moved from SVN to Git as part of a transfer programme I've started for the team to move from SVN to Git as our Version Control System. It has also seen various additions that allow it to present things like slider bars.

libImage has also been moved from SVN to Git in the last couple of days. This has given us the unique opportunity to merge it's two development pasts into one repository so we can see everything that happened to the entire library via Git's logs.

We now have a clear idea of how to graft MapMaker to the new QuadTree system and once I have time (I have ongoing practical assessments this term of Uni as well as lab-based exams), QuadTree will be implemented into the game engine and MapMaker and the map IO subsystem updated.

Signing off for now as that should be all,


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