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Future Consciousness Script

Mar 02, 2013 by DX-MON
Well in continuation to my post last night, fcsc now parses complex logic and statements, however has yet to get an assignment parser.

This means that the compiler is now around 80% complete pending code generation sequencing which I have been doing manually.
I post about this as it's the first time I've succeeded in building a non-toy compiler as my C compiler efforts became held up when I tried implementing typedef and structs (IE, custom data types) - not helped by the compiler being written in pure C and being my first.

There will be more to blog about soon as there are several tools that are about to have new releases made and it heralds the upgrade to the new-ish VFS architecture which has been held off by AutoUpdater not being ready. This also means we have a way to program game screens without them being hard-coded - something that has been bugging me since the start of the project.



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