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Parser and code generator in fcsc

Mar 21, 2013 by DX-MON
Further to my earlier post, the compiler now supports assignment parsing leaving just the C-style comma statement left to do (easy enough but requires a working system for scope tracking and variable tracking to make sense to implement).

I'd estimate the compiler to be 90% complete now seeing as it also generates code for the ternary operator and in implementing assignment support I also tied up a pile of loose-ends in the way the parser handled statements, rendering a small portion of parser code redundant pending removal.

Unfortunately, all things to do with compilers and the subject of parsing have a habit of being very technical, so as a summary for the not-so-technically-inclined: the compiler now understands the language I defined for it with the exception of one bit of grammar, and is able to partially generate a computer program from descriptions in that language.

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