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fcsc and mapping progress

Jun 19, 2013 by DX-MON
Well, it's been a while but all my Uni exams are finally over. I seem to have nicely offset this with some neat progress in the compiler and scripting engine and mapping.

The compiler, fcsc, now understands how declarations of variables work and how basic assignment works. This might not sound like much but this changes the compiler completely from a toy to a serious tool and makes it very useful. Additional work has yet to be done to make it understand the generation of code for operations such as accumulation (+= and -= for those C/C++ programmers out there), however this is some good progress.

FC's code running engine, BCE, now understands deep stack operations such as pops and drops from any location from the top of the stack to 256 entries into the stack. I might lift this limit and make it a fully 64-bit system however this was good enough to get it working for the compiler to use to complete the code generator enough to get variables in. A small RAM-like area might be in the works as well if it turns out that the system is too limited or I need a way to map strings from their table into the processor's spaces.

I have been working for a week on the Hoenn map and have made some good progress on getting the final mainland routes in and continuing to optimise and re-optimise the map. I have also completed the transition of several of the sprites, which frees up much-needed textures. The mapping format needs another tweak however to reduce the amount of redundant information stored and the processing load needed to work with the maps in Quad Tree format as this is more important than mapping speed.

I look forward to the introduction of another team member who is a C programmer and the inclusion of George Makrydakis' works on items such as GTK++'s UTF-8 OpenGL font mapping support.

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