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Apologies for the long wait

Aug 24, 2013 by DX-MON
Wow, 2 months already gone since I finished my exams. I am sorry that I've not posted in that time although progress, and very neat progress at that, has been made.

The game splash/login screen is now achieved in 22 lines of C++ and it's characteristics are created through Byte-Code scripting now. This means I can start to really make progress on the game client now the engine is getting near being feature complete.

George has been working away nicely on Odreex which is the package we shall be integrating into GTK++ to upgrade font support finally.

Plans have been made for the next development tool which will allow the creation of layout files properly and make designing and building game screens much easier. While this tool is unlikely to be made available to users, once it has been written then the game's content should be fast arriving.

AutoUpdater is the next tool to complete, however, as once it has been finished then distribution of the developer tools and game builds will be much simplified, and an initial installer is all that will be required.

Next time there will be screen shots!


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