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Reflections on the ToDo list

Apr 17, 2009 by DX-MON
Well I did all the items on that TODO list other than the clipping routines, however I did something else instead of that, so it's not I can't do what I set myself.

What I did, well I've writen routines to do the loading of images instead of the client program having to be smart and do that itself....
I then set about taking the test app and moving it's source file to the Gamma source tree out of the Future Consciousness one.....
Once I'd completed that and had a working debug version compiled without sound, I then set about cleaning up routines and calls....
On completion of that I've then scripted the build environment for both sets of projects to refresh key files on each build so that the right files are always in the right locations.....
And I've writen the release configuration for the Gamma tree as well as modifying the debug configuration to append _d to all executable files so they are known to be debug.

Sumary, we are now ready to begin development of the text input routines now we have a tried, and tested, way of outputting input to screen in the right location. This means time to start work on the game servers!


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