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The fix to those input issues

Apr 19, 2009 by DX-MON
Well in the end, the "bug" was never found, but the reason for it occuring has been......

The engine has been returned to it's "dumb" state with regards to rendering the input to screen...... it was going to be written to be cleaver enough to generate the structures needed the first time the function that controls the rendering was called, that was what was going wrong (somehow)..... so that set of calls has been removed and the structure simplified to getting the right info from the lay_fs structure in the old way

instead, it is now up to the client application to call the structure generating function and to set things up for the input overlay system.....
so control is now in the client application where it began when the code worked, so fixing the bug (could it be something like a stale HDC being passed (and used) causing the bug on the preferred method? or is it just an M$ bug in their compiler or OSes?)

I will post screenshots of this once I've implemented the password anonymity system.


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