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The Connect screen

Apr 20, 2009 by DX-MON
Well today was spend drafting the graphics for and actually implementing the Connect screen.

This is the front-end the game has been waiting for as it gets down to business and kicks off all the connections to the servers, etc., and as I'm in the mood for it, I'll be creating an Update utility that will check the servers for new releases and will ask you to download a new one should there be a new release (Easier to implement now than later!).

Once we've got the screen working, although we won't post screenshots of it, we will continue updating the blog with the development of the actual game - the game itself will have screen-shots posted every so often, especially when new technology is added to the game engine. Though once I've added sound to the engine, I will not be able to post a screen-shot of it as those aren't audible (You'll just have to believe me till the first release of the game).

Also, there is a re-write of the main game control systems and interfaces present in the client due tomorrow to allow for the Connect screen to work as intended and cause the game to flow right into full screen (or windowed) mode play when we've done all the preliminary work to getting the client to the state of being able to log into our servers (which I am developing alongside the client, so any bugs introduced into the protocols of either will be found before the software gets released - it's a trick I learned last time I developed Server-Client software).


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