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Cthulhu's Crypt » The Wolf is Free
Cthulhu's Crypt

The Wolf is Free

Apr 15, 2009 by Cthulhu
Shackles empty, dark stones cracked
Cage bars twisted, few left intact
Restraints are gone, freedom seized
Attack on the land: the Wolf is free

Grey coat unclean, prowling through dirt
Ready to avenge a lifetime of hurt
Seen by none, snarling in rage
The Wolf is abroad, set loose from his cage

Peace is no ally for the danger released
He’ll tear you apart, piece by piece
The vengeance boils high, feasting on hate
Sparing no foe from their grisly fate

Which treacherous man freed the beast?
Who was it made this terror unleashed?
Red river on stone, oozing then
The Wolf will not spare him of the race of men

Providence alive now, balance restored
Repaid in kind – few could afford
Strike again did the powers unseen
Arcane and grey, like a dark stone queen

Cornered, entrapped, death at the end
Neither wolf nor man is the victim’s friend
Red river on stone, oozing and eased
Repaid in kind; the Wolf is free

Stern Gamboge, Imperial Scribe


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