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Server issues

Apr 23, 2009 by DX-MON
You may have noticed that I have not posted in 3 days, this is due to some server issues accidentally
caused by my hosting company, but after an email explaining the issues, they have duly sorted those
issues out and various things that had gone missing or were broken/corrupt are now fixed again,
including this dev-blog

Anyway the real point of posting today is to say that over the last 72 hours we have written the basic
MySQL server systems for the game, and have also revamped an internal tool I wrote that pertains to
being a chat server, this has yet a lot more work to do in order to introduce autonomous channels, but
for the time being I can program the game client to connect to these two servers that server 2/5 of
the game at least and get things running correctly. I will update again tomorrow all things considered
that the blog stays in tact before I get back from college.


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