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The Database server

Apr 25, 2009 by DX-MON
Well after 2 days of working on the database server, we end up with a piece of software that theoretically works.... however, after having resolved some link issues regarding 2 different libraries with 1 letter difference this morning, we have been having awful problems with the MySQL function mysql_server_init(). When called in the current server it just causes the server to crash for reasons that I will not specify here, but that I have traced.

Unfortunately the whole server hinges on that call as it is the one function that initializes the MySQL server for use in the server..... and helpfully (sarcasm here) the MySQL AB have only provided that one function to do exactly that....... so if I can't work out how to sort it out then I will have to severely rethink how the database server will function and what backend it will have.

I'll post back here in the morning when I've had time to think on this..... should be interesting what the grey-cell matter pulls up out of it's murky depths.


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