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Update on the server issues

Apr 27, 2009 by DX-MON
Well after a weekend of trying to sort out that server and having not much progress, I have resigned to posting on the MySQL site asking for help regarding sorting out the call in the server into the MySQL Embedded Server library that fails.

I have got no way to develop the game for the moment till that embedded server is up and running, so please be patient while I wait for a responce on their forums

On a lighter note, I will be working on re-writing one of the dev tools so we can start working on the maps for the game again.
I will update later today with the progress of the rewrite and with a plan for the rewrite of the tool (Called MapMaker - you may get to see this once the game is released, it depends a bit on what the team feels should (or not) be done and wether we'll allow you to create your own maps, etc.)


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