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Server Updates

Apr 29, 2009 by Cthulhu
As of today, the original problems with the Database server have been fixed. All that remains is to set up the server
to accept user login info and to cross-reference their ID's to what's stored in the server's database. However,
the issues with MySQL (from what I know) are still on-going. Support from the dev team has been worse than

DX-MON: The issues with the MySQL server arise during client authorisation. The issue is that a NULL result set is returned from the database query causing the server to exit the client thread and go packing. I will (as Cthulhu correctly said) update here again when there has (or hasn't) been progress with the bug.

Updates will be posted as they come. DX-MON will also edit this later on to add/correct information, so check
back later on Wednesday.

Edit (DX-MON): Thanks for prep-ing this, Cthulhu. Just corrected the only mistakes I could see and I've added a little about the actual issue with the MySQL stuff


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