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The auth system

Apr 29, 2009 by DX-MON
Well after about 2 hours of development, the MySQL queries to do with play-time and other similar things are now written. This means the client and server are about 40% of the way to having a game map that users can move around on. that means that the authentication systems are about 50% complete, the other 50% being the other fairly large query that has to be made during authentication.

I cannot say and details, but the game is going to have a form of subscriptions, this is because I (lead developer) need to cover the cost of developing such a large piece of software, and I also need to pay for the server (physical computer) that the servers (software) will be running on, and those don't come cheap.... especially when you a student ($25 a month may seem nothing, but 21 a month is a large amount when you're on 20 a week).

PS: The $ and symbols were used correctly here - my hosting company asks for $25 a month, which is about equal to 21 a month - my currency is GBP.


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