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Update on the server

Apr 30, 2009 by DX-MON
Well after much thinking, we have now got a fully working system for working out how much time is left on any account in the game. The server will do all those calculations on auth time, and we have plugged about 4 memory leaks in both the server and client today. This is on top of a rewrite of part of the client core to allow for returning to the connect screen when there is an error such as a bad user name/password.

Currently the client is written such that it can't tell if the user name/password is bad explicitly, but instead "listens" for the server dropping it's connection to the client. This means that the client relies on the recv time-out to get out of the connection system - something that needs rewriting and sorting out on both client and server as they both rely on that as a mechanism for erring when needed and I do not like this as it causes the client to seem to hang when it is in actual fact just stuck in the recv function.... As I've commented - something for a rewrite.

I'm looking that by the end of tomorrow I have re-written bits of and bug fixed the internal tool that needs redoing for generation of maps. I will also aim to have rewritten the error management between the client and server so that the one that errors sends a message to the other telling it that an error has occurred before killing the connection, instead of just killing the connection.


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