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Progress on the game maps

May 02, 2009 by DX-MON
Well it was mentioned that yesterday was meant to be re-write day for that internal tool, well some re-writing did occcur, but not all of what was proposed.... I quote from the IRC channel the team use:

[23:53] @DX-MON: I think I've got all of them now - that is the program should now take an arbitary sized texture and use it on any tile specified
[23:53] @DX-MON: (that, and it should never crash)
[23:55] @DX-MON: also, I'm about to design how to add a new configuration option to allow for you to select where you are going to take images from so MapMaker can automaticly go to that directory and use images in that directory, and then instead of using a fixed-path just use the path relative to that directory
[23:56] @DX-MON: that means that a short descriptor at the front of each .gtm file will be needed to save the path of those images relative to MapMaker

MapMaker is the name of the internal tool, the idea is that, because the image file paths are absolute at the moment, I am going to need to modify the map format to have relative paths ONLY stored..... this actually means smaller map files too....

I will update here again when there is some progress regarding this.


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