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More on those maps

May 02, 2009 by DX-MON
Well I have persuaded the format to allow me to add a location relative to the software to
fetch images from.....

Also, I have been working to correct and repair textures that were either stretched or POT
when they should actually be NPOT..... I have also created some new textures to allow for
holes left in the Hoenn map to be filled by the correct objects, all that is left for what currently
exists of the Hoenn map is for me to add the textures to fill about 3 more holes, then it's
on to finishing off some more of the map - namely I've got all the sea routes left to do and
the routes stretching out from Rustboro City and one of the incomplete routes, but now that
we have a really comprehensive texture library and a fast, easy to use piece of software to
make the maps in, I don't see the rest of the Hoenn map taking very long to complete......
tops of 2 weeks I'd have thought.

I'll update tomorrow with some more when I have those final holes plugged and the map moving
forward towards the next 2 towns.


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