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Update on the maps

May 06, 2009 by DX-MON
Well it's been 3 days since posting last, and boy have we been busy! We have written some new features
into MapMaker and optimised it's key-handling code; We have created nearly 80 new textures; and we
have done 4 more routes and part of a town on the Hoenn map.

The features: Statistics (tile and texture counts), save-on-close of any open map.

The major changes: We have moved away from storing the maps in Floating Point form, they are now
integer maps with a current limit of 2^32 tiles. This makes life much easier and faster, and means the
game won't suffer from the Intel Floating Point Bug. The file-format is now readied to store the
image-path relative to the .exe. MapMaker's horrid Key-Map to process key presses is gone, and replaced
by a much faster system.

The routes and towns: 115, 116, 103 and 110 are the routes and SlatePort is the town

We have also found that the Hoenn map currently contains 14320 tiles with the latest revision of what
we have done, which is nothing in comparison to what the format can hold (I don't think I'll use 4Gb
worth of tiles on this some how!).


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