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The FPS of the login screen

Apr 16, 2009 by DX-MON
Well as you saw from the last post - by Nny, we've been working quite hard on developing the login
screen for the game, and developing the Game Engine it uses - Future Consciousness. As you also
saw, the Frames Per Second (FPS) count on his computer got very low at one point, this is due
to use making calls to glDrawPixels.... so, what to do about it?! Well I (The lead programmer)
have started work in writing the code needed to convert the images to gl Textures so they can
be drawn via using glVertex3f() and glTextureCoord2f(). This works in principle, but it seems
that in practice it may break quite a lot.

I'll update the blog with more when I actually get the results I wanted and post some screenshots
of the screen showing the new FPS on my crappier Development computer and the number of
primitives present in the screen


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