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Long awaited update

May 25, 2009 by DX-MON
Well since my last update, we've been very busy, I've had 4 of my AS exams and have 3 more to go at this
stage.... those will be complete within the next 2 weeks, but until then I've got plenty of time to develop
and map in.

Talking of the maps, we have now got more than 1/3 of Hoenn down to our map format and a large part
of the region that is into our format optimized for display purposes. Some of what we have done is by no
means complete though and as we have 239 textures on the map, I (the maker of this particular one) need
to think of how we can transfer some of the overhead off of the texture systems, though I don't know
OpenGL's maximum texture count, but I have a feeling it might be 65535 textures. Also, we have started
constructing the information needed to keep a track of any user at a given moment by using the database
to store the current map file the user is using and their exact x/y coordinates in map coordinates (which
are not screen coordinates to be able to maximize the information storable in the maps)

Anyway, enough of the details, we almost have half of an entire region ready for putting into the engine,
which I've already started to modify to support what the current plan will need.

I give a big warm welcome to our newest member of the team - Char99, he will be helping out with the
texturing, and may be asked to do some mapping too (we'll see!)

The future plan: Finish of at least 1/2 of the Hoenn map by the time this week is over, and start hauling
it into the engine, making the texture paths relative as we go and running the map through an optimization
tool that I will build so as to add some new features to the maps too such as signpost text assigned to
specific posts, and the ability to make a tutorial map whereby a user going over a particular set of tiles will
get a message which helps them use a bit more of the game..... Next week will be focused around
optimization of the format, addition to the format, getting the database sorted out, and getting the client
able to load the maps, create OpenGL Display Lists for the maps and then display them in real-time, being
able to navigate around them using the arrow keys (no characters yet I'm afraid, but it's a start and one that
needs to happen soon!). Next week will also have sight of my birthday party..... The week after that will be
spent working on the maps full-time again..... after that should get interesting, but that covers the
half-term, and my last two exam weeks....

I include a screen shot of one of the maps the team is working on (scaled to 50%):
One of the sections of a map


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