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More map work

May 27, 2009 by DX-MON
Well since my last post only 2-3 days ago, I've written the first piece of a de-fragmenting optimiser for the maps..... it currently de-fragments the textures held in each section of the map by reassigning their texture numbers back into numerical order without gaps and correcting the underlying map files to suit, including adjusting the maps....

I have also made sure that all of Route 123 and 50% of Route 111 are complete, these are the two working ends of the map with 2 other places acting as "stitching points".... we have removed a third by completing the loop of the map that it is on..... And to boot we have made sure that the tile count has remained below 20000 tiles even though we have done some of the longest sections of the map now.... Though there is the slight issue of sorting out the Cycling Path on another of the routes that is yet to be completed (though it is quite walk-able as it is)

Hopefully I will also have modified the map creation software to use relative texture paths by the end of tomorrow, and have made the appropriate adjustments to the optimisation tool too. I also plan to sort some other figures out that exist in each map - Tile ID's.. The idea being that we can use these IDs that I catered for in the original specification for the format to provide per-tile text for things like signs and tutorial maps, the implementation for this is still being thought over.

Also, I have good news about the database with regards to maps, it now has the required fields ready for creation, and the appropriate components of the server-client protocols have already been programmed to take care of the task of telling the client what map to load. I have yet to program the client to load the maps though, but when I have done that and have a preview window showing the loaded maps I will post a screen-shot....


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