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Long time, no update

Jun 24, 2009 by DX-MON
Sorry for not updating in about a month.... exams and then college restarting for you..

Anyway, I'll try and make this a quick update to say that the team have been working extremely hard.

Things that have improved in the game engine and things written on top of it:
  • The carat for the inputs on the Login screen now displays correctly no matter what length of text is entered

  • MapMaker has now got a second mode of operation, Regions Mode, which is to deal with the creations of regions in maps

  • The Connect screen in the client is now complete

  • The main game window has now been launched into development, starting of with having loaded in one of the game's maps into the game, and getting it displaying and movable with the cursor keys

  • Resize bugs to do with transition to and from the connect screen and login screen (for multiple login attempts) are fixed

Though, with some improvements come one or two additional problems, such as the frame-rate of the maps in the main game window being unacceptably low. (6-7FPS on the computer that I use to write this blog, and 16-17FPS on a dedicated graphics card on Nny's computer).

The Hoenn game map is now approximately 50% complete, being most of the main island is complete, and the most to be done is filling in all of the "satellite" islands on the map.

Anyway, I'll update a little later showing the new Carat code using a tech-demo of the game.


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