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Progress on Regions Mode

Jul 03, 2009 by DX-MON
Ok, so I've been working on Regions Mode......
MapMaker now has all it's buttons for that mode working to some extent.
Most bugs are fixed (including some really niggly ones that existed in the OpenGL Click Detection code for the triangular buttons.)

The only bug I can think of that causes problems in Regions Mode is some bug to do with click-detection of the tiles, not anything to do with the buttons......
There is also a bug I've found in the Windows File Open Dialog, but that's difficult to fix, so it may not get fixed as it requires a very specific environment to trigger it, and I'm not going after things like that at the moment.

Hopefully tomorrow will have me fixing the click-bug that I found so that MapMaker can be tested...... I have also found some bugs in the code that reads/writes the file-format, but that was expected due to my not having being able to test it before now.....

Anyway, Just a brief update, I'll update again tomorrow when I've fixed some more of those bugs.


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