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Another MapMaker update

Jul 07, 2009 by DX-MON
Ok, well since I last posted, I've ridded Regions Mode of all bugs that were present..... the only thing left for the mode is for it to be made able to use both map layers.

Quick update on progress with the maps: Route 113 is stuck atm b/c there are a lot of new textures needed to complete the route, however Route 122 is now complete and Route 121 is started (that's the route with the Safari Zone which will be supported in the game as an extra).

Been removing more behaviour and cosmetic bugs from MapMaker with regards to tile selection and movement, I think there must be only 1 or 2 bugs left now......

I plan on another extension to the .gtm format with 2 new layers being added and with a new header system to be introduced so old maps can be upgraded easier and the various systems that control the usage of the format to be able to allocate new layers as needed instead of blank layers existing, etc, which all saves disk-space (the Hoenn map is nearly 1Mb big now, not counting textures!)

I will definitely write compression algorithms for the maps as I already know that I can cause a 20% compression ratio on them by using Deflate....

Anyway, to keep this short, I'll update again tomorrow with some screenshots of the maps and a few other goodie bits...... might even show some of the Hoenn map after putting it into Regions/through Regions Mode which is really easy and fast to do and when I've written the algorithms for optimising the maps into the Game Engine's display engine it will also cause a massive and very sharp increase in FPS when in-game.


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