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Long time no posts

Sep 06, 2009 by DX-MON
Wow, I managed to forget to post something here for 3 months..... woops!

Anyway, quick update; the project is still alive and going.

One of the other admins - Soli - and myself have managed to get some of the libraries I've written that Gamma uses compiling on Linux and Mac OSX.

I'm currently beginning a rewrite of all the GUI code for the project, using GTK+. This will enable the same code written for Windows to run on a Mac or Linux box, with little or no modifications. It also means that Windows bugs that got into my GUI code causing havoc with the Windows Standard Buttons will be no more after said rewrite.

After the GTK+/gtkGLExt rewrite, I will be able to pursue Gamma with renewed abilities to generate working code. I will also be making sure that all the current graphics handling code is wrapped up into classes (being that sort of code was all written in C++) for easier use in the rewrite. This will mean faster response times as I will no longer have just 1 massive case-statement for a Windows message loop to handle the graphics in.


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