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Sep 10, 2009 by DX-MON
MapMaker is nearing the end of its refurbishment. I've completely rewritten the basic application, all its functionality stands as it did originally.
Progress is being made on rewriting the 3 dialog boxes I wrote for it that were written using pure Win32 API. 1 or 2 minor crashes still exist in the app though. However, in comparison to the Win32 API version, the new one is vastly more stable.

I've also created a new library in the process of rewriting MapMaker, the library is written in pure C++ using proper classes without any language hacks. It wraps GTK+ in an object-orientated way. The new library has been dubbed GTK++.

Next thing to do will be getting GTK++ integrated with the game engine itself - Future Consciousness. Because of the way GTK++ works with GL (via the gtkGLExt GTK+ Extension), there (again) will be no functionality loss by doing this conversion, especially as Future Consciousness was built to be an OpenGL based engine built primarily out of open-source libraries, my own libraries, and a lot of "glue" like code that actually did what was needed.

MapMaker v1.0.0.20 will be released this weekend with a bit of luck, so the team eagerly await the new version as it means more testing, better mapping, and, finally, Linux/Mac OS support! (Soli and I have worked together to test that the Mac OS and Linux support all works and exists, she is likely to provide the Mac OS binaries for the game itself, and based upon the same set of Makefile's I will likely provide the Linux binaries)

Conclusion to this post: progress towards our end goal of a Pokémon MMORPG that will run on all of the main OS'es and deliver its content to pretty much anybody with a computer is sure and steady, but it is there! Will post again on either Saturday or Sunday with another progress update, and hopefully also a release of MapMaker for the team.


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