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Oops.. not posted in nearly a month..

Oct 14, 2009 by DX-MON
Well as per last time, MapMaker is still a bit buggy.. got rid of some more ones out of libImage..

I am currently debugging MapMaker on Linux (I did get it compiling eventually!) so when that is complete I look forward to letting Soli loose on getting the code running on her Mac. I am making the build system more friendly by building a master Makefile which executes all the build stages needed. Soli - be prepaired for some compilation this weekend, please.

Other than that, I have completed rewriting Future Consciousness for GTK++/Linux (It is not known if it still works on Windows, but it should). I am now looking to start rewriting PokeLegends' client to use GTK++. The framework has worked first time round on Linux with only 1 or 2 bugs. Having to specifically rewrite Future Consciousness' Texture Loading subsystem due to bugs in the Assembler (the GCC version of it). The Assembler writen for Windows does not suffer the same set of bugs as far as I can tell.


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